Announcing availability of Baqend’s unique client caching technology

We are happy to announce that we have finished our efforts to bring our most exciting feature into Baqend Cloud: The Bloom filter-based Cache-Sketch. It is our novel and unique feature which enables Baqend-based applications to use expiration- based caches — in most cases the browser cache — to cache any dynamic data. Cache everything, not just assets! The tricky […]

Bringing Web-Performance to the Next Level — An Overview of Baqend

Baqend is a Backend-as-s-Service (BaaS) based on research of the information systems group at the University of Hamburg [GBR14, GFW+, GSW+a, SGR, GSW+b]. The outstanding feature of Baqend is that it solves the problem of high network latencies in cloud-based applications. This problem is tackled by an advanced caching mechanism in front of a distributed, […]

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