NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance

Together with our colleagues at the University of Hamburg, we — that is Felix Gessert, Wolfram Wingerath, Steffen Friedrich and Norbert Ritter — presented an overview over the NoSQL landscape at SummerSOC’16 last month. Here is the written gist. We give our best to convey the condensed NoSQL knowledge we gathered building Baqend. TL;DR Today, data is generated and […]

Announcing availability of Baqend’s unique client caching technology

We are happy to announce that we have finished our efforts to bring our most exciting feature into Baqend Cloud: The Bloom filter-based Cache-Sketch. It is our novel and unique feature which enables Baqend-based applications to use expiration- based caches — in most cases the browser cache — to cache any dynamic data. Cache everything, not just assets! The tricky […]

Angular and Baqend Starter

With the Angular and Baqend starter kit you can build blazingly fast single page applications in no time. Setup your project by following the simple steps below. The starter is based on the Angular2 Webpack Starter and uses: Webpack as a great module bundler SASS as a CSS precompiler with cool features and syntax TypeScript […]

Talk: Cache Sketches — Using Bloom Filters and Web Caching Against Slow Load Times

Yesterday, we talked about the research project underpinning Baqend. Specifically, shared all the nitty-gritty details about our caching protocols and the algorithms to keep caches consistent. The PDF is also available for download. Here’s the german abstract (slides are in english): Nach aktuellem Stand (April 2016) lädt eine durchschnittliche Webseite 2299KB an Daten und macht […]

Bringing Web-Performance to the Next Level — An Overview of Baqend

Baqend is a Backend-as-s-Service (BaaS) based on research of the information systems group at the University of Hamburg [GBR14, GFW+, GSW+a, SGR, GSW+b]. The outstanding feature of Baqend is that it solves the problem of high network latencies in cloud-based applications. This problem is tackled by an advanced caching mechanism in front of a distributed, […]

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